Storage Ideas for All Your Craft Supplies 

Once you get to a similar point with your crafts as me, you’ll probably have found that you have far more supplies, tools and half-finished projects than you know what to do with. But lo! Behold! For I have come forth with storage ideas aplenty to help you save space and to stop you from stepping on rhinestones all day. 

Mason Jars 

They’ve long been a stylish storage staple, and they’re set to continue their usefulness by helping you to keep our craft space nice and tidy. Mason jars are perfect for storing all those little things like buttons and pins, and they can easily make your previously messy collection of supplies sleek, accessible and, most importantly, tidy. No more jagging yourself on loose needles while fumbling around in the bottom of a drawer for some buttons. 

Floating Shelves 

Shelves are a common choice for storage and floating shelves offer the best blend of storage while also minimising the space footprint they leave in the room. You can combine these shelves with other forms of storage like mason jars or small coloured boxes to make a stylish display for your room that neatly doubles as the perfect place to put all your crafty odds and ends. 


Becoming something of a buzzword in recent years, upcycling is a great way to add new life to your old things by changing their function or improving them in some way. Upcycling can be the perfect opportunity for you to come up with some creative storage solutions while flexing your crafty skills at the same time. For example, an old clothes horse or hanger can be stripped and attached to the wall to be used as a tape, ribbon or paper holder. The only limits here are your imagination, so as long as it looks good and does the job then you’re good to go. 


You might think that they’d be more at home covered in rusty tools in a shed, but pegboards are actually a really useful and space effective way to store anything that you readily need access to. Slap them up on the wall of your crafting space and they’re the perfect place to hangs like scissors and tape. Don’t worry too much about the plain MDF look that a lot of them have, you can spruce them up with a lick of paint and some decals to make them a complementary addition to your room. 

The Classics 

Sometimes the simplest solution might be the most obvious and using classic craft storage solutions might work best for you. Drawers, under bed storage boxes, portfolios and large storage boxes could well be the right choice for you – you don’t always have to resort to being crafty you know! Plenty of these classic storage choices can also be bought in different designs, so you don’t have to worry so much about them standing out like an ugly thumb. 


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