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Best Board Games to Give a Try – Part 2 

A short time ago I made a short list of some of the best board games that are worth trying out and I promised to do more, so here I am to deliver! So, without any dillydallying or unnecessary spiel, here we go with some more great board games for you to play. 

Settlers of Catan 

Becoming almost synonymous with the modern board game and as the darling of board game enthusiasts everywhere, Settlers of Catan, or Catan for short, is one of the seminal games of our time – and that’s not just hyperbole. Catan is a game of resource management played on a board of hexagons which represent regions of an island that are bountiful in the game’s different colour coded resources. The goal of the game is to develop your territory on the island of Catan and gather points. The first player to 10 points is the winner. 

Catan has found so much popularity that there is a wealth of custom games types and boards out there that can help to improve and expand the experience. But, despite any alterations, at its core Settlers of Catan remains a great board game that finds success in its social play, ease of access and depth. 


In Pandemic, players must work together to find a cure to a contagion that is endangering every person on the planet. Playing on a board that spans 48 cities across the planet, players attempt to curb the spread of four different diseases around the world before it is too late. Players take on a number of different randomly assigned roles, including the Medic and the Scientist, each with different abilities that will help to deal with the spread of the diseases. 

Pandemic is an essential inclusion to this list because of just how accessible it is, making it the perfect door into the world of more complex board games while remaining something that is fun to sit down and play in a set amount of time. 

Power Grid 

Constructing a power grid might not exactly sound like your idea of a fun-filled afternoon but believe me when I say that Power Grid has more than enough fun to go round. Similar to Monopoly and its representation of the real estate trade, Power Grid is all about making the energy trade fun. Players compete to gain dominance over cities across either the US or Germany while building power stations and burning resources. The goal of the game is to grow as a business, so you need to try and expand to as many cities as possible, while still making sure that you have enough money to actually run your stations. 

Power Grid is filled with the kind of duplicitous deals that you’ve probably become familiar with over the years, but the change in setting and the increased focus on luck and random resource/station card draws helps it to fill a space somewhere between the traditional board game and games of resource management. 


So, that about does it with these lists, I hope I’ve given you plenty of ideas for great board games for you to check out. 

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