A Guide to Homemade Pet Toys 

Keeping pets is great, but it’s unavoidably going to get pretty expensive. When you take into consideration everything from food and toys to medicine and visits to the vet, it is impossible to deny that the little blighters can be a bit of a strain on your wallet. In an effort to help you save some cash, but still make the most of your time with your best friend, I’ve put together a few handy tips to making your own pet toys at home. 

Braided T-shirts as a Dog Toy 

Instead of throwing out your old and tatty t-shirts that aren’t any good for sending to the charity shop, you can instead recycle them into this fun toy for your dog. Braiding one or more of the t-shirts together into a long throwable toy (just like the ones from the pet shop) will keep your dog nice and occupied, plus its great for them to have a chew on. 

T-shirt and Ball Tug Toy 

If you have even more t-shirts lying around the place and an old tennis ball, then you can combine them into a DIY tug toy for the dog. Simply wrap the t-shirt around the ball and tie the ends of the t-shirt together. You can also add some chewable tassels or grips by stripping the ends of the t-shirt and braiding them together. If you don’t have any t-shirts, you can make a similar toy by placing a ball inside an old sock and tying it up. 

Milk Bottle and Treats   

This one doesn’t require you to have any old clothing laying around, instead all you need is a milk bottle (empty, don’t be sloshing milk all over the place) and a few treats for your dog. Take the lid off the milk bottle, pop the treats inside and voila you have a toy that will keep your dog distracted for ages while it tries to get all the treats out. 

Bags of Catnip 

Cats love catnip, some even say that is how it came to be known as catnip, but I don’t subscribe to such out there theories. Without getting bogged down in any discussions about herb etymology, the truth is plain and simple – cats will go absolutely mad for anything that contains catnip. Placing some catnip inside of some fabric and then tying a knot on top, is all that you need to do to make an engaging toy for your cat. Catnip can be grown in your garden for fresh access or bought dried – either is fine, but if you’re using fresh catnip then try and break the leaves up a little first to release the scent. 

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