Life Hacks for Crafty People 

The internet is awash these days with “life hacks” and tips to help you cut corners and sometimes save a little cash while you do it, so I figured that I’d try my hand at it too. Since we’re a crafty bunch, finding inventive solutions to problems should be no trouble at all, but in case you’re stuck for some new ways to make your life that tiny bit easier, I’m here to help you out with some great crafty life hacks for you to try out. 

Light Bulb Plant Pots 

Blown light bulbs are normally just consigned to a bin or the recycling, but you can actually turn them into a pretty little decoration with barely any effort. Carefully remove the top of the metal base of the lightbulb and take out the filling, make sure not to cut yourself and wrap the edge of the metal back over itself to protect your hand. Lower the roots of a small plant into the lightbulb and fill with water. You can then hang these little plant pots from pieces of string to make a lovely display.  

Cracked Crockery Mosaic 

Broken plates happen, and sometimes there’s just no saving a plate no matter how much epoxy glue you use. In situations like this, there is no need to despair, especially if the broken plate had a nice pattern to it. Wrap the broken plate in a thick towel and then smash the rest of it up with a hammer. Once you have the plate broken up into small pieces you can then construct a mosaic on almost any surface that you can think of. Once you’re happy with your design you can cover the plates with a layer of glue, to give it a shine and cover up any sharp edges. 

Paper Towel Dispenser Tape Rack 

Tape can quickly become a pain to use, especially when you have lots of different types, as it gets tangled or rolls off your workspace. A quick and easy fix is to place your rolls of tape on a paper towel dispenser. This will keep the tape steady, easily accessible and tidy – making your life much easier in the process. 

Keep Bobbins Threaded with Toe Separators 

Just like with tape, bobbins can be difficult to keep tidy and they are particularly susceptible to rolling away and unthreading themselves. To keep them nice and tidy, you can place the bobbins in the toe gaps of a toe separator or pedicure pad. This will make sure that they stay threaded and ready for you to use. 

There are lots and lots of life hacks and helpful tricks out there online that can help to make things that little bit easier. I’d suggest having a watch of the video below, for a bumper edition of life hacks that will change your life for the better. 

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