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  1. The boxes have all been sent so it’s time to share the contents of this month’s box! 

    The theme this time around was ‘April Showers bring May Flowers’ and it was full of cool blue shades with a few floral hints and quirky umbrella prints. 




    In advance of each months #habdash preparations I pull together inspiration boards on pinterest. I have so many ideas floating around, this really helps me divide things into themes and bring together colour palettes. Sometimes I will just have a colour palette in mind and will build a theme around that instead, or a particular product will jump out at me and I will build a box around that, either way it works for me. This time the idea came and the colours and products followed. 

    I’ve decided to stick with the tradition of a miniature felt roll in each box as this is one of our key products and is a brilliant source for colour. Plus it is, hands down, the cutest component of the boxes! This month I’ve picked shades of blue with a hint of purple and mint to make it more feminine. As always, all colours can be purchased by the sheet in our online craft shop. There are also similar bundles available but this particular one is unique to #Habdash.

    I adore the fabric in this box! I stumbled across this quirky umbrella print whilst at Craft, Hobby & Stitch last month and just had to have it for this box. It was PERFECT! 

    I was able to source some vintage Broderie Anglaise this month, it’s getting trickier as the number of subscribers grows, to be able to include a bit of vintage but I managed to pull it off again…phew!         

    I think this maybe the last time vintage trims or ribbons make an appearance as it’s getting harder and harder to source good quality ones, especially in large volume.  I will still always try but they will definitely not be a regular part of #Habdash.

    Other trims in the box were some pretty Pink Ric Rac Braid and some Floral Print Cotton Ribbon. I am falling in love with Ric Rac all over again. It comes in fantastic colours and is a great basic for your craft stash. Kids love its simplicity too. Look out for Mini Ric Rac, Jumbo Ric Rac and maybe even some Velvet Ric Rac coming to the craft shop soon!

    The Cotton Ribbon is a one off, it’s very unlikely I will be able to get this again, although I will try! We also have it in green and blue in our Trims and Ribbons section.

    Next months box’ Hooray for May’ will be available to purchase either as a subscription or as a one off on Wednesday 1st April at 8am. More details available here.

    Look out for little snapshots of what’s in the box over the next couple of weeks. You can expect lots of ‘May Day’ themed items and bright summery colours. You can check out my inspiration on our Pinterest page.


    Sarah x



    The March #Habdash Box has (from what I can tell) arrived safely with all our lovely subscribers! 

    The theme this month was ‘Spring Fling’ and full of sugary pastels, pretty polkadots, flowers and birds. PERFECT for inspiring your first summery makes and for Easter crafts.


    I think the little miniature felt roll may become a #Habdash staple! I’m so much in love with this pint size version of our popular felt bundles that you can expect to see it in every box in different colour combinations. Felt is such a fab basic material for your craft stash, you can’t really go wrong.

    If you are familiar with our felt you will know it’s lovely quality and has a 30% wool content which makes it softer than most craft felt you will find on the high street.

    The Fat Quarter in the box this month is a lovely 100% cotton pastel polkadot. Colours may vary between boxes but all are gorgeous shades, I’ve even popped some in my own stash for some Easter bunting! I've just ordered some more stock of the Pastel Polkadot Bundles, expect to see them in our shop very soon!

    I really love finding unusual trims and ribbons, the Bird, Heart and Flower Trim in this months box is certainly that and the Peachy Vintage Braid is a real find. It’s rare I manage to get hold of full reels of good quality vintage trims so this is extra special and perfect for this box. 

    The Flower Buttons add a real burst of colour and the Wooden Leaves and Ladybird add a super cute whimsical touch and compliment the trims perfectly.

    There will be 10 more new subscriptions up for grabs on 1st March that will begin with the next box 'April Showers Bring May Flowers...' I can't wait to share it with you all!


    Sarah x


  3. So blogging is new to me, and to be honest more than a little daunting! Buy hey, it’s another way to get raise the profile of my little business, and actually is fairly therapeutic! It helps clear and sort the clutter in my over active, chaotic, creative mind!

    I’ve been putting off starting a blog for a while now and to be honest, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the setting myself a schedule side to things that was putting me off. Don’t get me wrong I am a super organised person, or I was before I had kids! But I am very whimsical, I don’t like being told when and where to do things, I like just to simply find my own way…the pressure of writing a blog post on a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis seemed all too much and then I realised I was putting this pressure on myself and I just need to start slow and see what happens. So here I am!

    So a little about me….

    For starters I am in my own opinion the least likely to person to start and build what is turning into a successful business. I am the shy, wallflower type to those who don’t know me and the least business minded person I know. However I know what I like and I love to create and inspire people and have a silent determination to succeed in everything I do.

    My family comes absolute first  place in everything I do. My boys are 4 and 5 and the centre of my world. I love to read, it’s the only way I can truly relax. You can’t beat disappearing into a good book and forgetting your day to day worries and stress. I also love to write, I hear you saying “why all this fuss about a blog then?”, and honestly I don’t know but when I say write, I mean to my #penpals. I have fourteen lovely ladies around the world who I dedicate #happymail to! I belong to both #postcircle and #ladywriters. You can’t beat a good letter and these ladies whom I have never met have become good friends.

    I love polkadots and Cath Kidston and I live in my converse high tops. I am a perfectionist, sometimes to the point of insanity (I definitely drive Mr H mad but he loves me, flaws and all) but honestly what’s the point in doing something if you can’t 100% say I put everything into that and I’m proud of it?

    I’ve always been creative, never academic. I was taught to sew and knit by my Nan and my mum from an early age (crochet has evaded all of us! We just can’t get it!) and I developed a love for anything remotely creative from that point. 

    I studied Textiles and Surface Design at University, specialising in Knit. I went on to work as a freelance designer for an agent that sold my designs around the world. It sounds fabulous and I got to go on some rather lovely trips to Paris , Florence and New York BUT I found myself in that odd place where you start to hate what you love because it becomes a necessity.

    I like to make and create to my own haphazard timescale and I get the best results this way. I decided that creating for a living was not for me at that time and found myself a job locally, for a now well known, costume jewellery supplier. This little jump over the fence gave me valuable buying and product experience that has served me very well whilst setting up Pocket & Pin.

    Marriage and kiddos came along and at this point I began to feel ready to tap into that creative side of me again, but I couldn’t go back to what I did before. I have no time in my life now for careers or deadlines. Life with kids and a husband is challenging enough right!? ….And far too short to stress yourself out!

    SO…Pocket & Pin was born and it really is my third baby! I still work part time and I’m in no way a risk taker so I will continue to be a crazy multi tasking mummy/housewife/employee/business owner until such a time as I am ready to take the plunge. 

    I am happy for Pocket & Pin to continue to grow at it’s own pace but I truly cannot wait for that day when I’m working solely out of my little (soon to be built!) studio in the back garden and have time to dust off my knitting machines and get making again!

    So that's me, in a nutshell!....and that wasn't so hard after all....